Excardia was founded in the spring of 2009 by husband and wife team Luke and Katharine Manthei. While reading an e-book on her Kindle one day, Katharine commented on how much magic is lost to a story full of grammatical errors. Luke, a manager of a small business at the time, commented on how common miscommunication was between his company and its customers when even the smallest of punctuation errors were made. Soon thereafter, Luke and Katharine established Excardia, a network of editors and authors that offer no quarter to poor grammar.

Katharine began writing mini books when she was seven years old. By the time she bought her first car at sixteen, she knew she was destined to be an editor. Throughout high school and college, Katharine tutored those that struggled with English and edited many of her friends' papers. Today, Katharine is an award-winning poet and has published essays in such papers as the Detroit Free Press.

Luke has been writing since he was twelve. He began writing poetry and short stories. At nineteen, Luke had won several awards for his poetry and had been published in two international poetry anthologies. Luke then moved to Los Angeles and worked as a screenwriter and script consultant for three years before moving back to Northern Michigan to take the position of production manager at Manthei, Inc., a family-owned veneer mill.