As writers, we know the thrill of finishing a manuscript--and the dread of the process to come.

Indeed, the completion of a document is only the beginning. But you've done the heavy lifting, formulated the ideas, slaved away at the desk and carefully put together the pieces to mold your brainchild. There's no reason to lose your enthusiasm now. Let us do the tedious, dirty work.

While the writers in us are cringing at this stage, the editors in us are gleefully bouncing up and down. We cannot wait to sniff out that typo and hunt down those misplaced modifiers--it's what we live for.

The World of Grammar may be filled with pitfalls, but you need not worry: we've spent years in this place and we know the landscape well.

Regardless of how detailed you'd like us to be, we're here to help. Maybe you just want someone to proofread your document. Maybe you want to work side-by-side with an editor to help rework and sharpen your creation. Perhaps you need a document made from scratch and don't have the time to do it yourself.

Whatever your editorial need, we are here to offer our expertise. Check out our service categories below for more detailed information.*

*If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. We do not charge any fee to quote a project.

Copy writing is the process of writing copy (didn't see that one coming, did you!), and it is the most common writing service. If you have a document that needs words added to it, this is the service you most likely would use. As an example, you have a website and you want to put up a biography page. We sit down together and discuss what you want on the bio page and then we'll write the copy for the page. (Please note that we do NOT do any website formatting; we only provide you with the copy.)

We provide writing for most types of documents: brochures, pamphlets, all types of articles, works of fiction and non-fiction. Academic documents are one of the few exceptions (we'd love to edit your academic papers, though!).

This is the nittiest of the gritty in terms of editing. We scour your manuscript to find the slightest of errors. This level of editing is concerned with the standard tenets of grammar: spelling, punctuation, subject/verb agreement, consistency, etc.
Developmental Editing

This level of editing is concerned with the bigger picture. While basic grammar is still checked and corrected, developmental editing takes the next step and evaluates the overall structure of the manuscript. It addresses issues of content, pacing, transitions, word usage, complexity, sentence structure, and style.

Some authors prefer to only have recommendations made and make the changes themselves; others prefer to have us make the necessary changes. However you wish it, we shall provide.

Proofreading is the final glance before publication. This is essentially a copyedit, however, it is done on a manuscript that has already been typeset and prepped for publication.

Today, proofreading also refers to the process of checking a manuscript for basic grammatical errors; it is a more basic form of a copyedit. Proofreading generally requires less time than a copyedit, resulting in a faster turn around time. This may be the best service for you if you only need a quick glance to fix misspelled words and misplaced or missing punctuation.
Manuscript Critique

Have a narrative manuscript completed and wondering what a professional thinks about it? Send it to us and we'll write a detailed analysis on your manuscript's text and subtext. The big stuff: plot, theme, character development, tone, clarity, and structure; as well as the grammar stuff: spelling, sentence variation, syntax, subject/verb agreement, etc.
Document Creation

Resumes, brochures, business cards, press releases, query letters--there are many types of documents that we have experience in crafting. Please contact us with any need you may have to see if we can help.

The table below comprises the most common types of material we work with; however, any document with words is fair game, so don't hesitate to ask us about your document if it isn't in the list.


Literary Manuscripts Academic Manuscripts Corporate Documents Other Documents
Novels Dissertations Brochures Resumes
Novellas Academic Papers Newsletters Query Letters
Short Stories Articles (all types) Press Releases Book Proposals
Nonfiction Works Essays Promotional Materials Abstracts
Poetic Works   Presentations Letters
Screenplays   Speeches  
Videogame Scripts      


Need some editorial work done that doesn't fit into any of these categories? Head over to the Contact page and send us an inquiry!